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 e-mail for David Shannon

This information has been provided to my by Alice Beard.

Alice sent me the following information...


Dear Mr. Shannon,
Regarding your information on this page:
You have this info:
    325     Link, Abram  
    To the memory of Abram Link who departed this life July 31, 1820 -- Aged 31 years.
You have an asterisk to indicate that the information is from the volunteers with the 1995 Eagle Scout Project by Stephen Oakes.
Please accept a correction and additional information:
The name should be Adam Link.
He was born March 19, 1789.
Information is from a 1951 genealogy by Mr. Paxson Link:  "The Link family: antecedents and descendants of John Jacob Link, 1417-1951," published 1951.  The book is considered the "gold standard" for the LINK family.  The snippit below is from pages 219 and 220:
The first sentence reads, "Adam Link was born March 19, 1789, in Frederick County, Maryland; died July 31, 1820, in Bourbon County, Kentucky.  He is buried in Union Cemetery between Paris and Lexington, Kentucky."

The likelihood of both an "Abram Link" and an "Adam Link" dying on the same day and being buried in the same cemetery and both being about 31 years old seems pretty remote.

With that in mind, would you please change the information on that web page of yours? 
Thank you!  And thank you so much for all that you have done to preserve the information at that cemetery.
Alice Beard